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It’s Your First Line of Defense and It’s Now In Your Control – Card & Fob Access

You wouldn’t let just anyone enter your home or business without proper permission which is why Access Control should be considered as a key element in your pursuit of complete security. Access Control systems provide the means to automatically lock, unlock, open, or close gates and doors from a central processor using keypads or sensors to trigger electronic locks or gate operators. Many access control systems also feature multiple user codes, built-in cameras, and crystal clear two-way communications.

By working with Mark Electronics to add Access Control to your property’s points of entry, you can view and communicate with who’s at the door or gate, unlock/open it remotely, assign specific rules to those given user codes, and even monitor the history log of daily entering and exiting.

Popular applications for access control include gate systems for homeowner communities, private estates, storage facilities, and businesses as well as door entry systems for schools, government buildings, hospitals, general restricted areas, and more.

As with most all of Mark Electronics’ systems, Access Control can be woven into our whole home integration systems. Enjoy the ability to remotely monitor and control your door locks and or gate entry from your computer, tablet, or smart phone devices. So, whether it’s making sure the doors are locked from your iPad inside the comfort of your home or letting the landscapers in through the gate remotely from your phone while at work, you can do so conveniently with an access control system from Mark Electronics.