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Electronic Systems Integration & Networking
Let us make technology work for you

Welcome to the digital age, where electronics are a part of everything we do.

Let us teach your home to send alerts directly to your phone or email to see when the kids get off the bus and are safely inside the house after school. Relax at work with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the house is secure and you will be notified immediately of any problems.

Imagine pulling down your street after work and having your smart devices automatically pick up on the private Wi-Fi network that we have boosted for your family before you even reach your home.

Utilize the virtual keypad on your phone to disarm your security system before you even get out of your car.

Once inside, use your in-wall mounted touchscreen device in the kitchen to pull up your favorite recipes, and while you prepare dinner you can relax to the sounds of your personal music collection streaming on your complete home audio system.

Don’t worry about running multiple computers to do homework at the same time as Netflix streaming your favorite movies in the media room– we will enhance your in-home network so the “buffering” experienced with traditional routers can become a distant memory.

At Mark Electronics, we specialize in seamlessly integrating all of these electronic enhancements into the landscape of your every day.

Data Infrastructure

Our world is moving faster every day – make sure your business can stay at the forefront by keeping your technology current.

Our expert technicians can help you redesign and enhance the data networking at your commercial project. Please contact us to set up an appointment for a consultation – we will custom design a system to optimize your businesses potential.