Building Access Control Solutions

Having control over the goings-on of your business is important if you want to maintain a productive and dynamic working environment. Building access control solutions from Mark Electronics are some of the best ways to help ensure just that.

Commercial - Access Control
Commercial - Access Control 2

Smart Building Access Control Systems to Secure Your Michigan Business

We offer a wide range of access control solutions to suit the vast variety of businesses we serve.

The system logs and tracks the identities of those who enter, creating a record that can be combined with recorded video for even greater value. It can be set to selectively enable passage to secure storage locations and to grant entry at certain times to building amenities, such as a data center, vault, laboratory, and parking facilities. The range of possible entry points and time combinations is limited only by your imagination.

Our highly trained team of technicians will install your control system quickly and seamlessly, allowing you to access and manage it easily.

Call Mark Electronics today to find out more about having a building access control system installed at your Michigan-based business.

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